AN21 Interview

What’s up everyone this is my first post and its a very special one, so let’s straight to it. Here is an interview with AN21 who is an up and coming Producer/DJ, I can’t wait to see how big this kid gets in 2010
1. Who are you and where are you from?
AN21: Antoine, born & raised in Stockholm, Solna.
2. When did you get your first dj gigs?
AN21: I got it when I was 16. Didn’t know anything about djing at all so I bought an old Pioneer CDj, borrowed Philip Jensen´s old Stanton player, bought a mixer for 30 euros and practiced for 2 days straight. The gig went great! Had to lie in order to enter the club though, since I was underage.
3. If you could give one very good tip for young dj’s/producers to
make it to the top what would it be?
AN21: Work hard and harder… hard work always pays off.. its the key to success.
4. How do you think house music will develop during 2010 for you and
the scene generally?
AN21: I´m not sure really, the house scene is always changing, but in general everything seems to go back a couple of years, more techie and a lot more ”funky discoish” I love it!
5. AN21, What is the best/most usefull thing Steve learned you so far?
AN21: That hard work pays off.
6. What would your ultimate gig be?
Max Vangeli: Sensation White
7. What are your top 5 tracks at the moment?
1. Ellie Goulding – Starry eyed (AN21 & Max Vangeli Remix)
2. AN21 & Max Vangeli – Secret Remake
3. Analog People in a Digital World vs Tim Deluxe – It Just Wont Do
4. Bengang (Dirty South Booty)
5. Mescal Kid – I Need You
8. What do you enjoy the most, Dj’ing or Producing?
AN21: Both!
9. What do you think is coming in 2010 since 2009 was such a big year
for house music?
AN21: A LOT of new producers!
10. What do you see as your main strengths as producers?
AN21: That´s gotta be my way to make it clubby, real powerful & energetic sounds… My ”specialty” is beats & bass.. funky & sexy
11. Where are your coming gigs and when are you playing in Sweden next
AN21: My next gig in Stockholm is in May with the release of my compilation.. But I´m not going to say more about that!
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