75,000Euros for a 3h Dj set…REALLY?! WTF!

I don’t think I will piss off a lot of people by posting this since you guys love music as much as we do here on JadoreHousemusic.com. These videos are from the 2 most famous DJ. At some point in their careers, they decided to go for the commercial and mainstream highway, well this is what happens when you haven’t DJ for a while.
Some rumors in the industry say that Guetta and Tiesto use premixed playlist in most their shows, don’t know if it’s true but the following (rookie mistake) is definitely not helping both their cases.

USEFUL TIPS TO BOTH OF THEM: Every DJ (especially those using laptops) should have an emergency disc close at hand in case of a crash or other problem!

    • cerkycakes
    • February 24th, 2010

    haha what does guetta say in french at the end?

    • He says [whats happening is horrible, my CD is not working and whats incredible is that I wont be able to play “love takes over” tonight! its horrible..horrible..horrible..etc.]

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