DJ Ruth Flowers

This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

69 year old DJ Ruth Flowers is slaying the french club scene! Does it get any more amazing than that? Here is an article and a video interview that will enlighten your day.

Article:  “British DJ granny wows the French club scene”

Hot picture 😉

She even rocks diamonds on her headphones!

    • inmigrado
    • March 12th, 2010

    for t….
    Madonna what it feels like Oakenfold remix
    add some base to it so oooooold so gooooood

    • inmigrado
    • March 12th, 2010

    at 02:00 turn the med and trieble maybe a bit up just to catch this higher pitched sound soooo gooood….

    a very complete song overall makes you wanna jump all the time…

    so leny fontana, this isa club dub mix
    at 03:25 UP THE BASE TO hear the “carpet” base underneath the song. It sounds sooo nice in my car….. MHMMMM>>>
    and now on my speaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakers…but you have to crank it… (do you modern djs still play with the mixete with highs and low frequencies?)

    D R E A M O F L I F E BABY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

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