Center of the Universe

Axel Hedfors, 32, better known as house producer Axwell, may still be unknown to a wide audience here at home (Sweden). But among the young dance music audience in Europe and America, he is a superstar in class with the big artists which he makes remixes for everyday use. Then we talk about names as Nelly Furtado, N.E.R.D, and Pharell from Cyndi Lauper.

Axwell currently sits in the studio in Stockholm and work on the final details for his own debut album. The first single is called “Center of the Universe” and instead of calling his superstars to friends – Axwell chose to contact Magnus Carlson, the lead singer of Weeping Willows as a vocalist.

New Influences

-“I want to make an album that feels like a real album, there are not many such artists today. I have heard much of Coldplay and want to bring in new influences to house music” says Axwell about their choice of pop singer as a guest.

Magnus Carlson, who now also works with an upcoming album with his Weeping Willows was surprised when Axwell heard of it.

Ibiza vibes

-“I knew about Axwell, that he and the Swedish House Mafia is big international, but for me that music were more Ibiza and Stureplan. Meanwhile, I had a favorite track with Axwell, which I liked a long time, “Together” I’ve listened to a lot at home” says Magnus Carlsson.

During the day, Nöjesbladet was in the studio when they recorded Magnus lyrics and the song were named “Center of the Universe“.

-“It’s about that feeling when you and your girlfriend, or best friend, has been partying all night and standing there on the beach and see the sun rise. When you know that right here and now it’s just the two of you who are in the “Center of the Universe” says Magnus.

It’s already decided to become the first single from Axwells album and big labels in England compete about the single to sign it.

Losing money

-“It’s true, this is around one million in advance only for England” confirms Alex Kossek, personal manager for Axwell.

According to sources to Nöjesbladet, it costs $27000 to book Axwell as a DJ for a night. But since this fall the gigs been on ice and the album takes all the focus.

-“Axwell has cleared 30 weekends in which he had been offered a dj-gig just to catch up with the album, so of course he turned down large sums of money for this” says Alex Kossek.

The same applies to remixes for world stars. Big names like Faithless and Taio Cruz has recieved a no.

-“I regret nothing, though Taio Cruz went number one on the Billboard chart after I declined, so that hurt a bit” says Axel Hedfors and laughs.

source/Gods Gift/SHM Forum

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