Interview with DJ TIMELINE

We had the chance and honour to sit down with one of Vancouver’s biggest DJ’s/Producer DJ TIMELINE. Dan also referred to as TIMELINE has been destroying the house music scene in Vancouver for about the last 5 years, playing along side the worlds biggest dj’s everyone from Dirty South, to Steve Angello, Axwell or DeadMau5. Not only is this man an incredible DJ, he also has some amazing producing skills. Check the video interview we did with him. Enjoy

DJ TIMELINE: Resident to ‘Stereo Type Fridays’ at Celebrities Nightclub and ‘Gorg-O-Mish’ AfterHours, Dj/Producer, Partner with ‘BluePrint Events’

TIMELINE will be playing a Celebrities tonight for the release of his New mix CD. Friday night is hands down the best night in Vancouver for house music so if you are interested please email J’ADORE at or TIMELINE himself at for guest list.

Doors open at 9 and close at 3am, make sure you get there early or make a guest list because there’s always a line up. Enjoy People.

Get social with Timeline:

    • vekken
    • April 24th, 2010

    umm i love you guys!!!

    really nice interview, really nice dj/producer!

    if i were in vancouver i would come to the party but its still far away 😀

    youre really primed for the interview, i like that 😉

    • Infamous
    • April 27th, 2010

    Big fish in a small pond, outside of Vancouver, these people are nothing. What a crime he mentions local talent and doesn’t mention Felix Cartal who is blowing up from Vancouver more than anyone since Dave Armstrong!

    • I would like to mention that Timeline didn’t know the questions we were going to ask him – he didn’t ask for it – he wanted to speak from the heart, which is rare in the music industry! So when a question like this comes up its always the most obvious names that you forget. Obviously Felix Cartal is a major DJ coming from Vancouver.

    • johnnyjover
    • April 27th, 2010

    Also at the same time Felix Cartal is in a completely different scene, if we talked to the djs from “Young Blood Sundays” his name would be mention for sure. Same basket but different haaaaay.

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