SHM – “ONE” Essential New Tune on Pete Tong Radio One

Tonight on Pete Tong radio one, the new Swedish House Mafia single “ONE” was elected Essential New Tune! Not a big surprise since Pete Tong has been building up the hype for the past few weeks, playing the tracks each week and he didn’t hide the fact he totally 200% supported it. Even advising SHM to retire after because “they wont be able to make a better track“.

I like the track, I think its a good club banger but I don’t think its revolutionizing the house world. What do you guys think?

Check out the video below, Axwell is interviewed on a US radio show and he talks about the track:

    • inmigrado
    • April 23rd, 2010

    If its revolutionizing the house music, then I am not the biggest fan of the direction of that revolution. I am not really crazy about it. Did not even download it. But that is solely my opinion. It does not sit well with my ears if you know what I mean. Maybe I am not advanced enough musically to understand why is this the hottest track in the world.
    I am not sure why are they pumping it up so much. There are sooo many other good and better tracks out there, but ok this is SHM so if its from them its gotta be good eh?

    • vekken
    • April 24th, 2010

    highquality really nice!

    inmigrado is so right!

    its an clubbanger – but they are pumping it TOO much – in 2 months everyone thinks… wooahah not again “one” everytime the same…

    one isnt like LTWBY – i can hear ltwby everyday and it sounds GOOD – than more i hear one i … hate it xD

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