Mikael Weermets Interview

On Sunday we were telling you about Sebastien Drums & Avicii – My Feeling For You (Tom Geiss, Mikael Weermets, Johan Wedel Remix) and I told you guys we had a lil’ surprise…Well, right before the release (May 10th) we had a chance to talk to really talented DJ/Producer Mikael Weermets, ENJOY 😉

JADORE: Hello Mikael! First of all can you start by introducing yourself to the readers, where you from etc.?
MIKAEL: Hi! My name is Mikael Weermets, 23 years old from Gothenburg Sweden!

JADORE: how did you got introduced to house music?
MIKAEL: I started listening to house music when i was 12 years old, it was all about funky house back then, i fell in love instantly, been hooked since then! 🙂

JADORE: You are releasing a remix of AVICII & Sébastien Drums “My feeling for you” alongside Johan Vedel and Tom Geiss – how did you guys met? What made you decide to work together?
MIKAEL: Me & Johan have actually known each other for years, we are close friends and hang out a lot. Tom and Imet through this wonderful world of music, we all liked this project so we just decided to do it together, like a Sweden-France connection 🙂

Sebastien Drums & Avicii – My Feeling For You (Tom Geiss, Mikael Weermets, Johan Wedel Remix)

JADORE: When you started working on the remix, what elements did you want to focus on?
MIKAEL: When we approached this one, the main thing was to do something different than the original, but a straight up dance-floor track.

JADORE: Are there any types of steps you like to stick to when attacking a new track, any kind of golden rules you like to stand by?
MIKAEL: For me, the most essential part of a track is a powerful breakdown, a hook with a melodic bass-formula that gets the dance-floor moving.

JADORE: In your “Producers Briefcase” which tools were used most when creating the remix?
MIKAEL: I have some special kicks & more atmospheric element i tend to use a lot, to get a certain feeling to the track.

JADORE: Currently you are an upcoming DJ in the house scene, your name and tracks are everywhere, what’s the secret?
MIKAEL: I think the secret is hard work. I spend all the time I can in the studio working on new projects & ideas. I have a huge line of remix inquiries that seems to be growing everyday, and that motivates me, to see that so many people would want me to approach their track. I wish I had more time, because I have to turn down so many offers, because of the lack of time.

JADORE: Do you have any upcoming solo release? What do you think 2010 has in store for you?
MIKAEL: There is a lot of solo-stuff actually. EP´s like “This Is”, “Dumdum”, “I´ll House U”, “Love Is” are strictly my own projects, and then there are lots of collaborations besides that. 2010 is going to be a great year, my schedule is packed, both gig wise & production wise, which is really fun, in this amazing world of music, you never know whats next!


JADORE: Last but not least, will we be hearing any previews of what’s cooking in the oven right now?
MIKAEL: Yes you will my friends! We just launched my official youtube-channel which will be updated weekly, with previews, studio clips & a whole lot of other fun stuff!
Check it out right here : http://www.youtube.com/user/MikaelWeermetsTV
Love, peace & house music! Thank you!

JADORE: Thank you for your time Mikael. Guys make sure to check out “My feeling for you remix” Monday next week, at JADORE we will keep you posted on Mikael new tracks and remixes anyway 🙂


  1. mikael weermet is doing a great job this year 😉

  2. Hi Alex,

    Of course I did read your interview a while ago which was great by the way – however I tried to do something different but it was a quick interview for the release of the remix so same sort of questions always comes up. And besides you asked 1000 questions in your interview so i got a get few that are similar LOL 😉
    You got a great blog 😉


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