Swedish House Mafia feat. Pharrell Williams – One (Your Name)

Here is a version of the Swedish House Mafia track “One” that features Pharrell Williams singing vocals. Let me know what you guys think of this, if you like the original or if you like the feature artist. Personally I feel this version is just making it closer to a “SexyBitch” track and club pleasing, in my eyes the original was beautiful. It is becoming to be very interesting seeing which artist the producers are starting to collaborate with. Good or bad?

    • vekken
    • May 10th, 2010

    well, this is an commercial track, the badest thing that shm can do… shm is for real house lovers and not for some *** (i mean the guys who hear david guetta and say “Uhh i luv houZe music), with this they want to get more money, and its very unprofessional done? the vocals are sometimes to loud?
    doesnt matter, it was an clubbanger, but when shm releases “your name”… they get $$$ and an real bad touched vekken too 😀

    • Shahab Sharifian
    • May 10th, 2010

    easily a club banger. the vocals, especially since its Pharrell, will expand SHM’s audience. Even if some of Pharrell’s fans like this song, it would be a smart move for SHM. I’m a Pharrell fan, havn’t really heard of SHM until this song, and I love it. SICK song. Lets get more songs like this!

  1. nice to see two different opinions on JADORE today, thats why we are doing this!

    I am heading towards vekken although I disagree with you when you say SHM is for real house music lover – coz if you are from Germany you know the amazing talent pool you guys have out there and who are not as commercial as SHM.

    I think SHM and especially angello, have been taking the dollars highway, where Guetta and Sinclar before them have been lost.

    I don’t blame them for it – I would probably do the same thing but at least don’t call yourself “mafia” if you are so popular and making easy house for the main public.

    I look at people like ERIC PRYDZ with so much more respect because he preferred to get out of SHM and stick with the music he liked to do over the big PAY cheque (although i m sure he is doing well… :-))

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