David Guetta & Afrojack ft Niles Mason – Louder Than Words is out!

David Guetta and Afrojack new track “Louder than words” with voice of Niles Mason is now available on beatport. We got that track about 3 weeks ago, and I have been listening to it quite a bit. I was waiting before writing about it as I wanted to see if it would grow on me….but no.

From the preview we all heard during WMC we were expecting a nice banger especially since afrojack was on the project – don’t expect that. Its a nice track following the same path Guetta has been doing for a while. If you are a fan of Afrojack I want to know what you think about it?

Regarding Guetta, although everybody is taking shots at him now because he is mainstream I want to say few things to take his defense:

  1. If you were in his shoes, wouldn’t you do the same thing and sell albums?
  2. He is influencing a lot the world on house music, and it thanks to artist like him that house music is taking more and more weight.
  3. I don’t think its easier to sell 3 millions albums with a “mainstream” track than 5000 with an underground one.
  4. Before you talk bad on him, please go to one of his “fuck me i am famous” show and experience it – then I dare you to tell me the same thing
  5. Guetta has an enormous talent! Just listen to his first album or the few tracks he releases her and here, the last one would be Grrr:

Right now David is just cashing in, and working for the industry, but I can wait the day Guetta goes back to the basics and bring some of his magical beats – he is the kind of man that can pull off an album in a week (Guetta Blaster) – try do the same πŸ˜‰

    • Bibi Icekill
    • May 27th, 2010

    Hey, just about this song “Grrrr” ( i don’t know the number of r sorry!) but it looks like “Mr Blink – Gecko (Original Mix)” maybe it’s me but i almost sure about that so give me a feed back if you think same

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