Boysnoize Vs. Shapeshifters – Death Suite Vs. Lola’s Theme (Chuckie’s Sensation Brasil Bootleg)

I am not the biggest fan of Chuckie neither of Boysnoize – although I love the Shapeshifters and I believe Lola’s Theme is one of the greatest house music song ever created – but i got to admit this track works really well in a club, to all the DJs out there try it out this weekend 😉

PS:  to all the clubbers please don’t go ask for request, it kills the creativity, just let the DJ “free”, create his own tracklist and if you don’t like it – go to a different club that will be his lost 😉

    • J Flow 67
    • June 28th, 2010

    i am not a big fan of chuckie either or dutch but this is a good bootleg and he has a track with hardwell coming out called move it 2 the drums witch is sick but chuckie is not all dutch he spins alot of tech witch is werid he always post of twitter dirty dutch vs the world but his past couple of remixes have been tech and his essestial section with pete tong was all tech kinda werid

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