Steve Angello new releases on SIZE Records; Knas & Rave ‘n’ Roll

It looks like our intuition was right! Steve Angello just announced that his new tracks “Knas” and “Rave ‘n’ Roll” will be released on his label SIZE RECORDS. This is my face right now 🙂 I am pretty happy about this great news and cant wait to play with these 2 BOMBS!

Especially since I have been through a “disappointing” phase towards Angelo lately. The same kind of disappointment I had with Guetta few years ago, except Steve made the right decision by sticking with some pure tech house track.

This is the kind of production that reminds us of how much talent these guys have – no matter if they go sometimes to the mainstream dark side. And if you think about it, its true! I explain; if it was that easy to put together an “MTV track” and sell one million albums, why don’t we all do it??

But anyway to go back to these 2 bombs here is a preview below, please let me know what you guys think – because I know quite a lot of people were disappointed by “One”, so I want to hear from you! 🙂

PS: Knas was voted Essential new tune 😉



    • paymon vafa
    • June 25th, 2010

    Knas is great, I havent been able to heard Rave ‘N’ Roll yet due to the fact that I am going to EDC tomorrow to see swedish house so I am saving the surprise for that event 😛
    Thank god Knas is being released!

    p.s. “ONE” isnt THAT bad 😉

    • Phillip Cue
    • July 23rd, 2010

    I love Steve Angello, but “Knas” has nothing to do with talent !!! its just a freakin vengeance melody sample !!!!!!

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