Interview with Eddie Thoneick

Hey Guys, I had the amazing privilege to meet one of my country fellow and favorite DJ; Eddie Thoneick! He was kind enough to answer few of our questions:

So first Eddie, tell us something about you:

-Well, the story began in 1993 with winning a Dj Contest at a well known institution Club Tribehouse in Düsseldorf at young age of 15. From that day I played all over germany. In 2000 I started producing with an akai s2000 sampler, midi keyboard and Cubase really urban. In 2006 my first breakthru record “Love Sensation” was released and caused major interest & support around the globe. With my musical background playing various instruments from the age of 4 on, I was able to create my own style and I think I still do have a unique style in my productions. Remixes came flying in from the likes of Guetta, Sinclar, Moby, Van Helden, Sanchez, Placebo and now P Diddy.

I recently started working with House Legend Erick Morillo & his label Subliminal. In early 2010 we already came up with several tracks which will be released over 2010…Next to producing I´m Djing a lot around the globe which is the thing I live for.

What and which Artists influences you to become who you are today?

Wow, well there were plenty. back in the days it was Todd Terry, Little Louis, Erick Morillo, legend Quincy Jones, Van Helden and I was a big Axwell fan from the beginning.

How did you start to produce together with Erick Morillo, and how did you meet each other?

-We´ve known each other for a couple of years, but properly touched base end of last year. Somehow I asked him “hey why don´t we do some proper studio action together”. He was always a big supporter of my tracks, so one thing lead to another and I came up with the idea for “Live Your Life”. I all was so easy, and we simply fit together like we always been working together.

How would you describe your own Style to making Music and what for Elements did you focus on when you making a Track?

-the most important thing is creating something unique, not doing tracks like so called “preset producers”. People who always use the same sounds, just using standard presets of synths. that´s awful. Creating something unique is a challenge I´m working on every day in the studio and it´s never boring. You never know what you can expect and the coolest things happen by accident by just creating new sounds, using effects on synths that are normally not made for that use. For example Vocal or guitar effects on drums or synth. that can do magic from time to time. As well it´s important getting that big tight sound and brilliance which I create by using various Compressors, Sidechains etc…most effective there are the plug ins of Oxford Dynamics, The Quadra Fuzz (in Cubase), Blockfish. Ozone and a whole bunch of Instruments I totally love.

You made a Name in the Scene and now you’re DJing whole over the World. It’s a dream come through?

-yes it´s even been more than I expected and it´s simply fantastic. I have the best job in the world, doing what I love and earning decent money with that.

Do you have more production coming this summer? Is it by yourself or are you collaborating with other artists?

There are several productions in the pipeline with Erick, which we´re gonna release soon. We just finished our remix together for the new P Diddy SIngle “Hello Good Morning” and there are gonna be big remixes by AN21 & max Vangeli, Muzzaik of “Nothing Better and remixes by Chuckie, Eddie Thoneick Dub & Chillout Mix of “Live Your Life”…so a lot going on right now. next to this I´ll be mixing the “Subliminal Essentials” which will be out in September.

Is there anyone that you feel that you don’t have time to produce with?

– Well I think I´m quite satisfied at the moment. Been working with the people I respect the most in the scene. But with Erick I will be doing a lot of work and we´ll be able to work with nearly every artist Vocal-wise we cant.

What is your Top 5 Tracks at the Moment:

1. Erick Morillo & Eddie Thoneick “Live Your Life” (Chuckie Remix)

2. Sandro Silva “Only you” (East & Young remix)

3. HCCR “Here comes that sound”

4. Switchfoot “Always Yours” (Max Vangeli & AN21 Remix)

5.Firebeatz & Joeysuki “Hidden Sound”

Favorite Software-Plugin:

Sylenth1, Quadra Fuzz, Oxford Dynamics, Philharmonic, Ivory Upright Pianos, Blockfish

Favorite Live-Setup:

3 CDJ 2000, EFX 1000, DJM 800

Eddie Thoneick Homepage

Thank you for your time Eddie, it was great to speak with you. Keep us posted on your upcoming work!

If you want to stay in Touch with Eddie Thoneick check out the following:


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