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Interview with Eddie Thoneick

Hey Guys, I had the amazing privilege to meet one of my country fellow and favorite DJ; Eddie Thoneick! He was kind enough to answer few of our questions:

So first Eddie, tell us something about you:

-Well, the story began in 1993 with winning a Dj Contest at a well known institution Club Tribehouse in Düsseldorf at young age of 15. From that day I played all over germany. In 2000 I started producing with an akai s2000 sampler, midi keyboard and Cubase really urban. In 2006 my first breakthru record “Love Sensation” was released and caused major interest & support around the globe. With my musical background playing various instruments from the age of 4 on, I was able to create my own style and I think I still do have a unique style in my productions. Remixes came flying in from the likes of Guetta, Sinclar, Moby, Van Helden, Sanchez, Placebo and now P Diddy.

I recently started working with House Legend Erick Morillo & his label Subliminal. In early 2010 we already came up with several tracks which will be released over 2010…Next to producing I´m Djing a lot around the globe which is the thing I live for.

What and which Artists influences you to become who you are today?

Wow, well there were plenty. back in the days it was Todd Terry, Little Louis, Erick Morillo, legend Quincy Jones, Van Helden and I was a big Axwell fan from the beginning.

How did you start to produce together with Erick Morillo, and how did you meet each other?

-We´ve known each other for a couple of years, but properly touched base end of last year. Somehow I asked him “hey why don´t we do some proper studio action together”. He was always a big supporter of my tracks, so one thing lead to another and I came up with the idea for “Live Your Life”. I all was so easy, and we simply fit together like we always been working together.

How would you describe your own Style to making Music and what for Elements did you focus on when you making a Track?

-the most important thing is creating something unique, not doing tracks like so called “preset producers”. People who always use the same sounds, just using standard presets of synths. that´s awful. Creating something unique is a challenge I´m working on every day in the studio and it´s never boring. You never know what you can expect and the coolest things happen by accident by just creating new sounds, using effects on synths that are normally not made for that use. For example Vocal or guitar effects on drums or synth. that can do magic from time to time. As well it´s important getting that big tight sound and brilliance which I create by using various Compressors, Sidechains etc…most effective there are the plug ins of Oxford Dynamics, The Quadra Fuzz (in Cubase), Blockfish. Ozone and a whole bunch of Instruments I totally love.

You made a Name in the Scene and now you’re DJing whole over the World. It’s a dream come through?

-yes it´s even been more than I expected and it´s simply fantastic. I have the best job in the world, doing what I love and earning decent money with that.

Do you have more production coming this summer? Is it by yourself or are you collaborating with other artists?

There are several productions in the pipeline with Erick, which we´re gonna release soon. We just finished our remix together for the new P Diddy SIngle “Hello Good Morning” and there are gonna be big remixes by AN21 & max Vangeli, Muzzaik of “Nothing Better and remixes by Chuckie, Eddie Thoneick Dub & Chillout Mix of “Live Your Life”…so a lot going on right now. next to this I´ll be mixing the “Subliminal Essentials” which will be out in September.

Is there anyone that you feel that you don’t have time to produce with?

– Well I think I´m quite satisfied at the moment. Been working with the people I respect the most in the scene. But with Erick I will be doing a lot of work and we´ll be able to work with nearly every artist Vocal-wise we cant.

What is your Top 5 Tracks at the Moment:

1. Erick Morillo & Eddie Thoneick “Live Your Life” (Chuckie Remix)

2. Sandro Silva “Only you” (East & Young remix)

3. HCCR “Here comes that sound”

4. Switchfoot “Always Yours” (Max Vangeli & AN21 Remix)

5.Firebeatz & Joeysuki “Hidden Sound”

Favorite Software-Plugin:

Sylenth1, Quadra Fuzz, Oxford Dynamics, Philharmonic, Ivory Upright Pianos, Blockfish

Favorite Live-Setup:

3 CDJ 2000, EFX 1000, DJM 800

Eddie Thoneick Homepage

Thank you for your time Eddie, it was great to speak with you. Keep us posted on your upcoming work!

If you want to stay in Touch with Eddie Thoneick check out the following:


Interview with David Hopperman

At the occasion of the release of his track “TANGA” with Tom Geiss on Spinnin’ Records few weeks ago, we had time to talk to David Hopperman, upcoming French DJ, enjoy!

Jadore: Hi David, Can you introduce yourself?
David: I am David HOPPERMAN, DJ & Producer born in Marseille France. Since the age of 15 years old, I grew up with funk and soul music. I am a big fan of the temptation’s years, without forgetting big artists such as Daft Punk, Paul Johnson, Kerri Chandler, Derrick May, Carl Craig… my music is a mix of all these influences I grew up with.

Jadore: Growing up in France and moving to the US your influences must have come from all types of genres of music. Who were your biggest influences growing up and why?
David: As I told you, my influences comes from different background, from soul, to hip hop, jazz, house, techno and minimal.

Jadore: Like you, I (Thomas) grew up in France, where DJs like Guetta and Sinclar revolutionized house music with the French touch and definitely influenced my way of seeing house music, what DJ would you say influenced you in the beginning?
David: DJs that influenced me in France are Laurent Garnier, Sebastien leger and Daft Punk as well as the year of the labels « Roulé » or « Crydamoure ».

Jadore: On a personal level, what are the biggest difference you have seen from North American and Europe?
David: I would say I prefer Europe since I produce and play electronic music. However the cool thing about the US is the fact people are more open to all genre of music and in my opinion have more access to underground trends. But my experience in the US was a great experience, when I was there the trend was more into the deep vocal… Nowadays the US have evolved a lot in House Music, as well as Europe, however I feel that France is still really mainstream because of the radio station.

Jadore: You have been DJing around the world for a while, but Tanga is your first major production not being a remix, what made you decide to make the step?
David: Tanga is my 4th original mix, my first was « outter », my second was « pacific » in collaboration with Nick Waters and the third was « feel the beat » in collaboration with « Stephane Karl & Nick Waters ». Besides that I have done a lot of remixes.

Jadore: When you started working on “Tanga”, what elements did you want to focus on?
David: For “Tanga” I have focused on the rhythm and the famous « loop »!

Jadore: Are there any types of steps you like to stick to when attacking a new track, any kind of golden rules you like to stand by?
David: When I begin a track by myself or in collaboration, I always try not to do that same thing as everybody, try to find my own style and mostly have good elements as well as a good kick and good drums.

Jadore: In your “Producers Briefcase” which tools were used most when creating the beautiful progressive melody of “Tanga”?
David: I would say the famous « loop » from Joe t Vanelli that we re-worked.

Jadore: You collaborated with Tom Geiss on “Tanga”, how did you guys meet? What made you decide to work together?
David: We met through a friend Stephane Karl who has introduced each other, from there we became friends, we were working together in St Tropez during the summer season in 2009. And one day I mentioned this idea and things went from there…

Jadore: Tanga has been getting a lot of support from major artists such as Axwell, Prok & Fitch , Tocadisco ,Tom Novy , Chris Lake just to name a few – What do you think 2010 has in store for you?
David: I’m Really Happy About “Tanga” Feedbacks, really happy guys like Axwell or Tocadisco, Tom Novy are supporting it, and it’s a real honour for me!

Jadore: Last but not least, will we be hearing any previews of what’s cooking in the oven right now?
David: For 2010 I have a lot of things scheduled in collaboration with “the team”; Nick Waters, Stephane Karl but also Dan Castro and probably work again with Tom Geiss.
At the moment the only preview you can listen to is my remix with Nick Waters of “Beep” from Mikael Weermets & Audible.

Audible & Michael Wermeets – Beep (David Hopperman & Nick Waters Remix)

Thank you for your time David, it was great to speak with you. Keep us posted on your upcoming work! Guys, make sure you check out “Tanga” on beatport from David with really cool remix from Sebastien Drums. Also if you want to stay in touch with David check out the following:

Interview: Swedish House Mafia

As the Swedish House Mafia prep their biggest ever UK show at the breathtaking Magna Centre in Rotherham on 30th May, they spared a few minutes to talk about breaking records,  losing inhibitions in Ibiza, and their exclusive forthcoming documentary…

For your show at Magna, what can we expect? Are you looking forward to it? Any specials we can hope for?

We never know!  We build our shows one at a time and always looking for new ideas… but it will be special.

Last year you premiered your own night in Ibiza – Dark Forest in Pacha – which was a huge success. What are the plans for this Summer to dazzle the island?

This year we will be opening The Masquerade Motel.  Hidden behind what appears to be a 50’s style motel, likely to be found on Sunset Strip, you enter into a magical world.  Behind closed doors, where all who enter wear a mask, you lose all inhibitions as you become anonymous behind your disguise.We’re bringing in tonnes of set design, costumes and FX, but most importantly with this YOU are the show.  This is your opportunity to come down and take the limelight!

What are the other major gigs this summer you are daydreaming about?

Ibiza of course, Electric Daisy in LA, Creamfields, Nova Beach in Portugal… so many we can’t name them all.
After so many solo productions from the three of you, you just released the first Swedish House Mafia single ‘One’. Why have finally decided to team up for this single? Is ‘One’ a symbol for your unity?

This is the first time we’ve ever recorded as a threesome with no guests, and under the SHM name.  It symbolises the first time together, the first track for EMI and just the first track in a new era for us. We’re very excited.

It broke a Beatport-record, becoming number one worldwide, in just one day. Incredible! Did you know straight away in the studio this was going to be a hit?

You never know when you make a track like that how people will take it.  I guess a lot of people expected a full song, but this is what we felt, and we’re so pleased everyone else feels it too.  It basically sums up in one track how you feel at a SHM show.

Later this year a documentary comes out about Swedish House Mafia – can you tell us more about it?

We have had someone filming us for two years, a guy called Christian Larson.  He has worked on some amazing videos and together we decided with our new label – EMI – to make a documentary of up to this point.  The soundtrack will be a compilation of all our own cuts and it’s a great way to look back at the time before we signed to a major label.


EXCLU Jadore: Interview with Wally Lopez

This is a huge privilege, we had the chance to  talk with Spanish Superstar DJ Wally Lopez. While on tour, he took the time to answer our questions; to talk about him, his DJ career, his style, the new Global Underground compilation he mixed as well as his opinion on the current house music industry.

JADORE: Who are you, where are you from and when and where did you start djing?
WALLY: I am originally from a borough in Madrid called San Blas, where it was pretty much every man on himself! I started DJ’ing when I was 13 years. At the same time, I collaborated on a night radio show which got very popular in Madrid

JADORE: What’s a regular day in Wally Lopez’s life?
WALLY: I take 4 to 6 planes a week, play no less than two gigs in winter and no less than 4 gigs a week in Summer. Rest of the time, I work on my labels, my cloth store or my new projects. And of course I try to spend as much time as possible with my wife, family and friends.

JADORE: Tell us how you got introduced do the house music scene?
WALLY: First time I knew I wanted to be a DJ was seeing DJ Oscar Mulero play. I was amazed at the sound and the technique and instantly knew that was what I wanted to do in life more than anything else.

JADORE: Have you always been into house or do you have experience of other music styles?
WALLY: I think all DJs who have been in the scene for almost 20 years, as myself, experience and evolve with the times. Spain has been particularly rich in the 90’s, and the proximity of Ibiza made us connect with all new genres. From that everyone defines his own style, which in my case is HOUSE in the broad sense of the term. That’s the style I feel more comfortable with.

JADORE: You’re very well known DJ all across the world, what would you say are the perks of being a super star DJ?
WALLY: Hahaha… It’s true that you get to see the world, nice hotels, restaurants and girls (not me!! I am married LOL). But there is also a down side to it when your plane is delayed, your runner is late or you have to sleep less than two hours to get to your next gig…

JADORE: You have residency in Ibiza, world tours, your name and tracks are everywhere, what’s the secret?
WALLY: There are not many tricks. It’s a blend of talent, hard work and maybe a bit of luck. That doesn’t hurt LOL

JADORE: With all your success over the years with DJing and producing, where would you like to see things go from here?
WALLY: For me, the only way is up. I don’t look back or even to the sides. I always aim at getting better, bigger, making the next big track. If you lose your illusion and your ambition, you are dying a little. You always have to pursue the next dream.

JADORE: When “Global Underground ” approached you to create the new “Global Underground Dj Series Mix CD” what were your thoughts on how you were going brand this with a Wally Lopez’s twist?
WALLY: Mixing a Global Underground compilation has been a big honour, one of those landmarks that can define your career when you look back. Of course, I have tried to respect the essence of the brand but added my own flavour of Mediterranean energy and fun.

JADORE: What were your main goals when creating this beautiful compilation?
WALLY: I have tried to put together tracks that really inspire me at the moment and that are proven to work on the dancefloor. My goal is to get people dancing, and keep them dancing when they listen to it. Even in the car!

JADORE: What was the overall groove you were trying to achieve when making this mix?
WALLY: I think you will feel the same groove you can get on my sets. Come to Space Ibiza this Summer and check it out!

JADORE: What is your favourite track on your mix?
WALLY: For personal reasons, I will go with Ismael Rivas – Time Is Over ( Remix)

JADORE: What are your top3 favourite tracks at the moment?
Robert Babicz – Come Closer (Stimming Remix)
David Herrero – Sabana Hypnótica (Francisco Allendes Remix)
Mihalis Safras – There Is A Place (Gregor Tresher Remix)
All included in my GU compilation

JADORE: If you could pick one track to play at midnight that summed up 2009 to present for you, what would it be and why?
WALLY: I think Wally Lopez & Zoo Brazil – Planetaria (Steve Mac’s Smack Remix). It brings me so much memories of last Summer!

JADORE: What does this summer of 2010 have in store for Wally Lopez?
WALLY: I think my calendar is pretty much full this Summer, with Festivals all over Europe such as Extrema Outdoor, Tomorrowland, Creamfields, Rock in Rio, Glade Festival… Also my weekly night at Space every Friday and of course my residency every Friday at Tito’s Majorca

JADORE: Tell us something we don’t know about you?
WALLY: I am a very familiar person and I love to watch soap operas at home with my wife LOL

JADORE: At Jadore we really like your country fellow David Tort and Dr Kucho, what is your opinion on them?
WALLY: I think David Tort is a very hard working person and he is doing great. I am not following Kucho’s career that much these days

JADORE: Your best memory of your DJ/producer career?
WALLY: Some gigs are really memorable. But if I had to choose a moment, that would be playing as guest DJ for Madonna at her Seville concert, in 2008

JADORE: Your worst memory of your DJ/producer career?
WALLY: Well… probably at the beginning, when I was starting to DJ and they would put me in lousy hotels where I felt like a backpacker! LOL

JADORE: Do you have any tips & tricks for those who want to become a big DJ/producer?
WALLY: No tricks… just hard work. Inspiration, talent, and WORK!

JADORE: If you couldn’t DJ/producer, what would you do instead?
WALLY: I like to think of myself as a very versatile person. I am in this because I love music. If one day I wake up and I don’t feel it anymore, I am sure I will develop my career in any other creative field. I have always wanted to be a comedian or an actor!

JADORE: Finally seeing how Johnny Jover (JADORE Co-Founder) is Spanish, what are your thoughts on the House music scene is Spain?
WALLY: I think there are always good clubs everywhere, but Spain is one of the best places in the world to party: big and small clubs, very good sound systems and professional promoters, and amazing line ups every week in a lot of cities. It is also true now that Madrid seems to be in a better shape than Barcelona, after so many years of being the opposite.

JADORE: And last but not least, any young Spaniards we should be looking out for?
WALLY: Keep an eye on COYU, he is absolutely on fire!

Thanks again for taking the time to talk to us Wally. Guys please be sure to check out Global Underground Mixed by DJ Wally Lopez.

Mikael Weermets Interview

On Sunday we were telling you about Sebastien Drums & Avicii – My Feeling For You (Tom Geiss, Mikael Weermets, Johan Wedel Remix) and I told you guys we had a lil’ surprise…Well, right before the release (May 10th) we had a chance to talk to really talented DJ/Producer Mikael Weermets, ENJOY 😉

JADORE: Hello Mikael! First of all can you start by introducing yourself to the readers, where you from etc.?
MIKAEL: Hi! My name is Mikael Weermets, 23 years old from Gothenburg Sweden!

JADORE: how did you got introduced to house music?
MIKAEL: I started listening to house music when i was 12 years old, it was all about funky house back then, i fell in love instantly, been hooked since then! 🙂

JADORE: You are releasing a remix of AVICII & Sébastien Drums “My feeling for you” alongside Johan Vedel and Tom Geiss – how did you guys met? What made you decide to work together?
MIKAEL: Me & Johan have actually known each other for years, we are close friends and hang out a lot. Tom and Imet through this wonderful world of music, we all liked this project so we just decided to do it together, like a Sweden-France connection 🙂

Sebastien Drums & Avicii – My Feeling For You (Tom Geiss, Mikael Weermets, Johan Wedel Remix)

JADORE: When you started working on the remix, what elements did you want to focus on?
MIKAEL: When we approached this one, the main thing was to do something different than the original, but a straight up dance-floor track.

JADORE: Are there any types of steps you like to stick to when attacking a new track, any kind of golden rules you like to stand by?
MIKAEL: For me, the most essential part of a track is a powerful breakdown, a hook with a melodic bass-formula that gets the dance-floor moving.

JADORE: In your “Producers Briefcase” which tools were used most when creating the remix?
MIKAEL: I have some special kicks & more atmospheric element i tend to use a lot, to get a certain feeling to the track.

JADORE: Currently you are an upcoming DJ in the house scene, your name and tracks are everywhere, what’s the secret?
MIKAEL: I think the secret is hard work. I spend all the time I can in the studio working on new projects & ideas. I have a huge line of remix inquiries that seems to be growing everyday, and that motivates me, to see that so many people would want me to approach their track. I wish I had more time, because I have to turn down so many offers, because of the lack of time.

JADORE: Do you have any upcoming solo release? What do you think 2010 has in store for you?
MIKAEL: There is a lot of solo-stuff actually. EP´s like “This Is”, “Dumdum”, “I´ll House U”, “Love Is” are strictly my own projects, and then there are lots of collaborations besides that. 2010 is going to be a great year, my schedule is packed, both gig wise & production wise, which is really fun, in this amazing world of music, you never know whats next!


JADORE: Last but not least, will we be hearing any previews of what’s cooking in the oven right now?
MIKAEL: Yes you will my friends! We just launched my official youtube-channel which will be updated weekly, with previews, studio clips & a whole lot of other fun stuff!
Check it out right here :
Love, peace & house music! Thank you!

JADORE: Thank you for your time Mikael. Guys make sure to check out “My feeling for you remix” Monday next week, at JADORE we will keep you posted on Mikael new tracks and remixes anyway 🙂

Colours Question Time: STEVE ANGELLO

Here is a brand new interview with the one and only Steve Angello. Angello gets quizzed by COLOURS on the good, the bad and the ugly……Question Time. Check it out!

PS: at the questions “best club played in” he answers “green valley” – good call we had last week 😉

Interview with DJ TIMELINE

We had the chance and honour to sit down with one of Vancouver’s biggest DJ’s/Producer DJ TIMELINE. Dan also referred to as TIMELINE has been destroying the house music scene in Vancouver for about the last 5 years, playing along side the worlds biggest dj’s everyone from Dirty South, to Steve Angello, Axwell or DeadMau5. Not only is this man an incredible DJ, he also has some amazing producing skills. Check the video interview we did with him. Enjoy

DJ TIMELINE: Resident to ‘Stereo Type Fridays’ at Celebrities Nightclub and ‘Gorg-O-Mish’ AfterHours, Dj/Producer, Partner with ‘BluePrint Events’

TIMELINE will be playing a Celebrities tonight for the release of his New mix CD. Friday night is hands down the best night in Vancouver for house music so if you are interested please email J’ADORE at or TIMELINE himself at for guest list.

Doors open at 9 and close at 3am, make sure you get there early or make a guest list because there’s always a line up. Enjoy People.

Get social with Timeline: