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Tim Berg – Bromance (Remember This Bootleg)

Another great bootleg made by Jon Nørgaard. In my opinion the best vocals on Bromance.



Tim Berg – Bromance (Aviciis Arena Mix) (Official Music Video)

Funny video, but why do they push that track so much?

Okay its a  huge track of 2010 but make a video for it? I don’t think it was necessary..please watch it, and  tell us what you think.

Tim Berg – Bromance (Avicii’s Arena Mix) IS OUT ON BEATPORT!

I know EVERYBODY here at JADORE have been waiting for the most anticipated release of the year [so far]. And yes BROMANCE is finally out! So go on beatport,  get your copy and support TIM!

Tim Berg – Bromance: FINALLY OUT THIS WEEK!!

YESSSSSS Bromance is finally going to be released this week according to Avicii! Cant wait! 😀

// Official Preview // Tim Berg – Bromance (Avicii Arena Mix)

This is the official preview of the new track from Avicii (aka Tim Berg). You are probably gonna hear it all spring and summer so be ready!