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Yenson – My Feeling (Deniz Koyu Remix) Release date!

Deniz koyu is coming up with a new remix, its a cover of Junior Jack’s “My Feeling”, the EP will be released on July 19th on Scream & Shout Recordings and will be available on beatport. The EP will come with the original mix, and a remix from Deniz Koyu and one from Phonk D”or! BOOM!


Deniz Koyu feat. Jason Caesar – Lose Control release date!

Just a quick post to let you know that Deniz Koyu new track “Lose Control” will be released August 6th on Scream & Shout Recordings, and obviously available the same day for download on beatport!

Deniz Koyu feat. Jason Caesar – Lose Control Teaser!!

Get ready people because we finally know the release date of this bomb! Deniz just sent us an email to let us know; it will be released August 6th exclusively on Beatport! Check out the preview below 😉

Deniz Koyu feat. Jason Caesar – Lose Control (Original Mix)

Few weeks ago we posted about the remix of Johan Wedel of this track, well here is now the preview of the original mix by Deniz Koyu featuring the beautiful vocals of Jason Caesar, check it out:

Stay tuned for the release date!

Loose Control (Jerry Rekonius Remix) PREVIEW

Another Remix of Loose Control by Deniz Koyu is coming up and it’s from the Sweden DJ/Producer Jerry Rekonius.

Lovely Remix!

Deniz Koyu – Loose Control (Johan Wedel Remix) PREVIEW

Here’s a preview of Johan Wedel’s Remix of Loose Controle by Deniz Koyu.
Woahhh! What a Track! Johan Wedel is starting to impress me!