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RELEASE OF THE DAY: Dirty South – Phazing (Norman Doray Remix)

We all know Norman Doray’s talent in creating great beautiful synth melody and we all know how tripping ‘Phazing’ is, we imagine both of them combine! BOOM! Norman definitely pull it off on this one and created a MONSTER Track for the world dancefloors!This version is more punchy with a stronger bass-line and more dynamic synth melody that goes amazingly well with the vocals 🙂



Dirty South – Phazing (Norman Doray Remix)

This is a video of Norman Doray playing his latest remix from Dirty South “Phazing” during his Indian Tour at Chancellery Hotel Pool Party in Banglore (7/06/2010).

Norman Doray playing “Dirty South – Phazing (Norman Doray Ouff Remix)” @ QUEEN 28/05/10

Norman Doray was playing at QUEEN in Paris this friday, here is a quick video of him playing “Muzzaik vs. Daft Punk vs. Dirty South – Let The Aerodynamic Kontrast Go”

He also played his new remix of Phazing from Dirty South:

Dirty South – Phazing (Norman Doray ouff remix)

Guys just a heads up that NORMAN DORAY is making the remix of Dirty South Phazing and it sounds amazing, here is the preview:

Dirty South – Phazing (Norman Doray Oufff Remix)

What do you prefer, original or Norman’s remix?

“My feeling for you” EP is OUT on beatport!!!

Avicii, Sebastien Drums “My feeling for you” EP including original mix + remixes is out today on Dirty Souths label “Vicious Grooves” and & Sebastien Drums French label “Workmachine”.

Included in the EP, is this great remix from Tom Geiss, Johan Wedel and Mikael Weermets – you got to love the amazing synth followed by breaks with a huge bassline:

Other remixes included in the EP are from Digital Lab, Angger Dimas, The noise.

Beatport Link
Beatport link (for France)

Dirty South Phazing @ Creamfields

Great video showcasing Dirty South performing at Creamfields Sydney few days ago.

Dirty South ft. Rudy – Phazing (Original Mix) is OUT TODAY!!

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Dirty South ft. Rudy – Phazing (Original Mix)

Guys its finally OUT!!! The track we all have been waiting for is released TODAY on Beatport, get your copy on Beatport here