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German Electro Beats

Hello, maybe some of you guys don’t know about the German electro scene, we’ve got some amazing talents over here and good vocals.

For you i uploaded one upcoming Mix from Remady with Amazing Vocals, maybe the music is not your cup of tea but hear it and tell me what you think, it’s like “dirty dutch beats” but its different!

Free Download:

If you like it i can make some Updates of the German Scene in the next time, there are some really nice songs coming this summer!


Dirty South – Phazing (Norman Doray ouff remix)

Guys just a heads up that NORMAN DORAY is making the remix of Dirty South Phazing and it sounds amazing, here is the preview:

Dirty South – Phazing (Norman Doray Oufff Remix)

What do you prefer, original or Norman’s remix?

Johnny Jover – HOUSE DJ SET @ Celebrities Nightclub, March 9th

from J’, will be spinning @ Celebrities Nightclub this Tuesday. If you are a house music lover and you love the music we got on the website, you must come!

Send us your name and your friends name at and we will put you on the Guest List; No line up + free cover!

Fantastic Friday!

Heyyyyy music lovers, its friday and its fantastic. We have some new and some old songs to share with you today. I think some of these songs were posted earlier this month and some we just forgot to post earlier this month so here they are in case you don’t have them! There are a variety of different sounding songs here. The first song, Urchins remix of Groove Armada is a great track that ive been listening to this month. The second song, “My side” by Incognet is a nice progressive song that is very smooth yet pounding at the same time, i definitely recommend this tune. Next we have a Christian Luke tune that we posted earlier this month but its a great song so here it is again 😉 such a good beat but personally i could go for an instrumental. After that we have dirty south mashing arno cost vs. cicada and to finish it off there is a classic tune by Afro Medusa, this tune is not to be forgotten. Enjoy

Groove Armada – Paper Romance (Urchins Remix)

Incognet – My Side (Original Mix)

Christian Luke – Givin’ It Up feat. Sonique (Original Mix)

Arno Cost vs Cicada – Cyan The Things You Say (Dirty South Mashup)

Afro Medusa – Pasilda(Club Mix)

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Wolfgang Gartner – Undertaker

If you like electro and you like it pounding then all i have to say is… wow!  After blowing up in the electro scene in recent years, Wolfgang Gartner’s tracks have become essential for almost every house/electro DJ. Here he has done it again with another massive track “Undertaker.”  This track is a guaranteed dance floor murderer, so DJ’s get it while its hot… and music enthusiasts download that shit and start practicing your dance moves!

Wolfgang Gartner – Undertaker (Original Mix)

And here is a bonus Wolfgang remix of MSTRKRFT from last summer in case you missed it 😉

MSTRKRFT feat. John Legend – Heartbreaker (Wolfgang Gartner Remix)

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Riva Starr, Funkerman, Dr. Kucho & More!

Hello music lovers… today we have more great tunes for you. To start things off Dr. Kucho has made some wicked tracks. Green planet is more layed back and progressive while Funkatron is more upbeat electro house. Funkerman produced a nice remix of Matiksoul’s “Run For Cover” and the Riva Starr track is some fun gypsy sounding house. Oliver Twizt has made a record that “is so fucking gangsterdam i think you should get down to it,” as he would put it. And last but not least, “They need us” by Arnej is a nice feel good track filled with progressive grooves that will take you on a 6 minute and 42 second journey. Enjoy

Dr. Kucho – Funkatron (Original mix)

Dr. Kucho! – Green Planet (Original Mix)

Mastiksoul  Run For Cover (Funkerman Remix)

Riva Starr – I Was Drunk feat. Noze (Original Mix)

Oliver Twizt – Gangsterdam (Original Mix)

Arnej – They Need Us Club Edit

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Im Not From France

Although the main man here at Jadore House Music “twisted tom” is actually from France, I am not. However I do love the french touch sound from artists like Louis La Roche and Cassian who are absolutely killing it these days. So to share some amazing songs Im listening to right now I decided to make a short little mix with 10 of my fav songs at the moment (some are already posted on this blog). Take a listen… questions, comments, and feedback are all encouraged 😉

If you like it there are a few older mixes on my soundcloud account below. Enjoy