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Dirty South – Phazing (Norman Doray Remix)

This is a video of Norman Doray playing his latest remix from Dirty South “Phazing” during his Indian Tour at Chancellery Hotel Pool Party in Banglore (7/06/2010).


Norman Doray playing “Dirty South – Phazing (Norman Doray Ouff Remix)” @ QUEEN 28/05/10

Norman Doray was playing at QUEEN in Paris this friday, here is a quick video of him playing “Muzzaik vs. Daft Punk vs. Dirty South – Let The Aerodynamic Kontrast Go”

He also played his new remix of Phazing from Dirty South:

Dirty South – Phazing (Norman Doray ouff remix)

Guys just a heads up that NORMAN DORAY is making the remix of Dirty South Phazing and it sounds amazing, here is the preview:

Dirty South – Phazing (Norman Doray Oufff Remix)

What do you prefer, original or Norman’s remix?

Dirty South Phazing @ Creamfields

Great video showcasing Dirty South performing at Creamfields Sydney few days ago.

Dirty South ft. Rudy – Phazing (Original Mix) is OUT TODAY!!

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Dirty South ft. Rudy – Phazing (Original Mix)

Guys its finally OUT!!! The track we all have been waiting for is released TODAY on Beatport, get your copy on Beatport here

Dirty South ft. Rudy – Phazing (Original mix)

Dirty South ft. Rudy – Phazing (Original mix) will be released next Wednesday MAY 5th!! BOOM!
don’t miss that one, definitely one of the anthem of this summer.

Dirty South ft. Rudy – Phazing (Original mix)

This video was ripped from Pete Tong, and he played it two weeks in a row! This is going to be the first track Dirty South is going to release on his own Label!

I knowwwwww I’ve already posted about that track but seriously; this track brings the SUMMER early, doesnt it? Its the perfect track to end up a set and send everybody home with a BIG smile on their faces 😀

PS: To all the House Lovers living in or near Vancouver, if you want to be one of the lucky ones to see/hear/enjoy Dirty South playing this track before its release; He will be at Celebrities Friday April 16th (next week) and you should not miss IT! Tickets are flying and there is not many left so LET’S GO!!!