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New Release; Sebastien Leger – Silicone Carne/Superdrums (Mistakes Music)

Pretty happy these days; we got massive releases this week; on Wednesday two from Prydz and today two from my fellow countryman, the one and only Sébastien Léger. If you guys have been following Jadore for a while, you probably or should know he is my favorite DJ.

I just love his style, and same as Eric Prydz, i think they really try to reinvent new things and it keeps pushing the music and creation forward, instead of just aiming the dollars of the top 40 chart.

Anyway, as I was saying Sebastien released two tracks today; “Silicone Carne” and “Superdrums” on his label Mistakes Music. Silicone Carne is a track he made more dedicated for the dancefloor, with a really funky bassline and big builds and breaks.

Besides, Superdrums is more powerful track with massive percussive beats.

Here is the beatport link; Go get them!


Sébastien Léger on 15 Minutes Of Fame on BBC Radio1

For all of you who may have missed Sébastien Léger on 15 minutes of Fame on BBC Radio1 this Friday. As usual Pete Tong have a chat with the artist and Sébastien picked 3 tracks, one he made, one he remixed and one he loves!

In this first video, Seb talks about his debut, influences, his style of producing, his relation with Eric Prydz.  he also gives us an exclusive preview of his new EP: “Silicone Carne” coming soon on his label Mistake.

In this second part, Sebastien talks about his label (Mistake Music) and his favorite place to DJ. He also gives us a sneak peek at his new remix for Music & Format B called “DOG TAG”. And he finishes off with a track he likes and he picked: Michael Jackson — Off The Wall. Enjoy;-)

Sébastien Léger on Essential Tonight!

If like myself, you are a fan of Sébastien Léger, then don’t miss out tonight Pete Tong Essential selection. Sebastien will be interviewed on the phone and he will for the first time introduce his 2 exclusive new tracks:
“Sébastien Léger – Silicone Carne” on his label Mistakes
“Music & Format:B – Dog Tag (Sébastien Léger remix)” on Formatik

Cant wait to hear them!

Sébastien Léger – Indian Shot & Miami Whatever (Original Mix)

Today was the release of 2 new tracks from Sébastien Leger:
Sébastien Léger – Indian Shot (Original Mix)
Sébastien Léger – Miami Whatever (Original Mix)

We have been talking for a long time about Indian Shot since Sebastien dropped in his essential mix back in March. I just love that track; The drum beat is sooo good.

Alongside these two tracks he also released on Monday a new Remix for UMEK: Umek – Circles of Hell (Sebastien Leger)

Sebastien Leger Interview @ Nokia Theatre, NYC for Cuepoint

Since there is not much happening today, here is a nice interview made by of Sebastien Leger, when he was in NYC for his show at Nokia Theatre.

Umek – Circles Of Hell (Sebastien Leger Remix)

I have been feeling pretty techy/minimal lately – back to my Europeans Roots. I know you guys are more into house, and progressive house but in music [and in general] we gotta stay open minded..right? so I thought I would share this remix from Sébastien Léger based from a track from UMEK called “circles of hell”, and I think its just great

I think Sebastien is at the top production wise that he has ever been – every sound he creates make sense and you can feel the Leger touch in every tune his touches! Definetly in my top 5 producer right now 🙂

Lutzenkirchen – What’s The Matter (Original mix + Uto Karem remix)

A new release on Sébastien Léger’s label Mistake Music will be available on May 26th, Lutzenkirchen – What’s The Matter (Original mix + Uto Karem remix). if you like tech/minimal you will love it, my preference goes to Uto Karem remix. However I just cannot wait for the release of Indian Shot!!!!

Unfortunately, we cannot share the track, to listen to the preview you have to go to Sebastien leger’s soundcloud by clicking here: So many gems on it 🙂