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Steve Angello new releases on SIZE Records; Knas & Rave ‘n’ Roll

It looks like our intuition was right! Steve Angello just announced that his new tracks “Knas” and “Rave ‘n’ Roll” will be released on his label SIZE RECORDS. This is my face right now 🙂 I am pretty happy about this great news and cant wait to play with these 2 BOMBS!

Especially since I have been through a “disappointing” phase towards Angelo lately. The same kind of disappointment I had with Guetta few years ago, except Steve made the right decision by sticking with some pure tech house track.

This is the kind of production that reminds us of how much talent these guys have – no matter if they go sometimes to the mainstream dark side. And if you think about it, its true! I explain; if it was that easy to put together an “MTV track” and sell one million albums, why don’t we all do it??

But anyway to go back to these 2 bombs here is a preview below, please let me know what you guys think – because I know quite a lot of people were disappointed by “One”, so I want to hear from you! 🙂

PS: Knas was voted Essential new tune 😉





Long time writing about that song but now we got a high quality preview- it seems that the track is gonna be released SOON (Very SOON!)


Another similar track… this one sounding like “Pacha On Acid” but with a little bit of “Techno Steroids” on it but  I’ll have to admit I am a fan of this track big time. Size Records continues to keep sending out bangers. Way to go team Size

Interview: Swedish House Mafia

As the Swedish House Mafia prep their biggest ever UK show at the breathtaking Magna Centre in Rotherham on 30th May, they spared a few minutes to talk about breaking records,  losing inhibitions in Ibiza, and their exclusive forthcoming documentary…

For your show at Magna, what can we expect? Are you looking forward to it? Any specials we can hope for?

We never know!  We build our shows one at a time and always looking for new ideas… but it will be special.

Last year you premiered your own night in Ibiza – Dark Forest in Pacha – which was a huge success. What are the plans for this Summer to dazzle the island?

This year we will be opening The Masquerade Motel.  Hidden behind what appears to be a 50’s style motel, likely to be found on Sunset Strip, you enter into a magical world.  Behind closed doors, where all who enter wear a mask, you lose all inhibitions as you become anonymous behind your disguise.We’re bringing in tonnes of set design, costumes and FX, but most importantly with this YOU are the show.  This is your opportunity to come down and take the limelight!

What are the other major gigs this summer you are daydreaming about?

Ibiza of course, Electric Daisy in LA, Creamfields, Nova Beach in Portugal… so many we can’t name them all.
After so many solo productions from the three of you, you just released the first Swedish House Mafia single ‘One’. Why have finally decided to team up for this single? Is ‘One’ a symbol for your unity?

This is the first time we’ve ever recorded as a threesome with no guests, and under the SHM name.  It symbolises the first time together, the first track for EMI and just the first track in a new era for us. We’re very excited.

It broke a Beatport-record, becoming number one worldwide, in just one day. Incredible! Did you know straight away in the studio this was going to be a hit?

You never know when you make a track like that how people will take it.  I guess a lot of people expected a full song, but this is what we felt, and we’re so pleased everyone else feels it too.  It basically sums up in one track how you feel at a SHM show.

Later this year a documentary comes out about Swedish House Mafia – can you tell us more about it?

We have had someone filming us for two years, a guy called Christian Larson.  He has worked on some amazing videos and together we decided with our new label – EMI – to make a documentary of up to this point.  The soundtrack will be a compilation of all our own cuts and it’s a great way to look back at the time before we signed to a major label.


Colours Question Time: STEVE ANGELLO

Here is a brand new interview with the one and only Steve Angello. Angello gets quizzed by COLOURS on the good, the bad and the ugly……Question Time. Check it out!

PS: at the questions “best club played in” he answers “green valley” – good call we had last week 😉

Paul Thomas, Sonny Wharton & Ant Brooks – Brass

This track came out earlier this month on Angello’s Size Records. I love it! And I think you guys should check it out:

Kim Fai – Kato and P.S | Previews

Kim Fai 2 new singles will be release May 21st on Steve Angello Size Records. Here is a preview: