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Here at J’ADORE we mentioned a couple weeks ago, that we will be trying new things – well the first one is called “Feature Artist Of The Month”, where we would focus our attention to one artist we think is doing well in the scene and help them with their promotions. We kicked off this monthly event with a bang by sitting down with ‘MAX VANGELI’. We had the privileged to talk to him about his new remix “Cicada – One Beat Away (Max Vangeli Remix)” and his future plans.

[J’ADORE]: Who are you, how old are you, where you from and how long have you been Dj’en/Producing?

[Max Vangeli]: I’m a DJ/Producer born and raised in Europe now working full time in San Francisco. I’ve been doing this for 4 years, I’m 22. And I’m loving every minute of it!

[J’ADORE]: You grew up in USA, a country with lots of hip/hop, What made you listen to house music? and do you think you were influenced by the North American style of creating music?

[Max Vangeli]: I was actually raised in Europe so I grew up on house music. The US culture had a huge influence on my musical style. So I would say its a combination of both. I love all genres so to me its all great music.

[J’ADORE]: In the early stages of your producing what are the type of things you would try to focus on so you could always continue to move forward in your producing stages?

[Max Vangeli]: I always try to stay fresh and be unique as possible by constantly trying new things. And try to lead versus follow.

[J’ADORE]: You already released 3 massive tracks with AN21: gama, starry eyed, swedish beauty – how do you guys meet?

[Max Vangeli]: We always supported each others work and connected via Internet. Once we started passing ideas to each other for new material the magic happened. It’s hard to explain but it just works very well.

[J’ADORE]: As we all know you played the “SIze Pool Party” this year at WMC, what was it like to meet and hang out with all those boys at such a large event?

[Max Vangeli]: I would say its an incredible feeling to be surrounded by such amazing talent. And I feel very fortunate to have an opportunity to work with the top dogs in the industry. I worked very hard to get to this level and its nice to see the hard work paying off.

[J’ADORE]: “Cicada – One Beat Away” is such a beautiful track, how long would you say it took you to complete this beautiful remix?

[Max Vangeli]: Whenever you receive such beautiful vocals everything just seems to magically come together. I didn’t have to fight it, it just came naturally. I’ve been so busy in the studio with AN21 I didn’t really have that much time to work on this remix but it just seemed to work really quick and the remix was complete within a week.

[J’ADORE]: What elements of the original “Cicada – One Beat Away” did you want to focus on in your remix?

[Max Vangeli]: Whenever I receive a remix job with vocals, I usually only use the vocal part. It was the same for this case. I like to build an entire track around the vocals and my own material.

[J’ADORE]: After knowing you were going to make a remix of “One Beat Away” what were the steps you took to come up with this massive remix?

[Max Vangeli]: I always try to make peak time material and my main goal was to make something with a huge and a very epic break down. And I think I accomplished it. A few Vodka shots later the project was ready for release!

[J’ADORE]: What do you think 2010 has in store for Max Vangeli?

[Max Vangeli]: AN21 and I have a lot of amazing stuff for you guys. After our original releases we’ve been focusing so much on remix work that it’s time to get in the studio and pump out some originals. We have some very very special surprises for you coming up, so stay tuned!

[J’ADORE]: Last but not least, will we be hearing any previews of whats cooking in the oven right now?

[Max Vangeli]: We’re constantly trying to check the fans up to date with new previews and clips of new material. So be sure to check out my Facebook daily.

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AN21 & Max Vangeli – Swedish Beauty (Original Mix) IS OUT!!!!!!!!

YESSSSSSS! Swedish Beauty is finally out on beatport and its a BOMBAAAAAA!

We have been talking about this track for a long time here at Jadorehousmusic, and the whole team was really excited about this promising production between 2 of our favorite upcoming Djs: MAX VANGELI and AN21. These guys are definitely delivering a killing track, and I bet it will be renowned as one of the anthem of 2010 soon!

Please support these guys and reward their hard work and talent – Go and grab your copy on beatport πŸ˜‰

AN21 & Max Vangeli – Swedish Beauty (Refune Records) [BP Link]

AN21 & Max Vangeli – Swedish Beauty (Original Mix)

This is a preview of upcoming bomb Swedish Beauty by AN21 & Max Vangeli:

Steve Angello drops Max Vangeli & AN21 – ‘Swedish Beauty’ @ Guvernment