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Teenage Crime Release!

Today is like the best Day of 2010 for DJ’s or Fans of House Music, Axwell released his Remix of Teenage Crime (included the Axwell & Henrik B Remode)

Beatport Link: Crime

The Axwell alone Remix is so HUGE! Grab your Copy of that 320kbps Banging Hot Track and see that your sound system gonna blow!


Adrian Lux – Teenage Crime (Axwell Remix)

Guys!!! I got to tell you this is one of the best Track this year so far.

Adrian Lux – Teenage Crime Axwell Remix and Henrik B remode will be released on AXTONE and will be available on beatport exclusive 31th of May, all other stores  28th of June.

The first track you hear is the Axwell & Henrik B Remode, second is the Axwell Remix.

Axwell’s alone Remix is so huge, guys you gotta love it!

What do you Guys think? Did Axwell do a Great Job again?

Adrian Lux – Teenage Crime (Axwell Remix)

Lots of talk and rumours have been going on about this track…some said Axwell gave it up after testing it few times during gigs and not being satisfied with it. Well for one thing, he was probably not satisfied with it, just by looking at how different the final version sound like compare to the one he played last year at sensation white (here below)

But he certainly didn’t give it up, that track from Adrian Lux is just soo great! The new version is definitely more progressive with a beautiful melody and a nice break but I really liked the old version too – he should give the old version as a bonus with the remix 😉

Adrian Lux – Teenage Crime (Axwell Remix) will be released some time in MAY!!!! stay tuned for the exact date 😉

As a bonus here is AN21  and Angello ripping Avalon apart last Saturday:

WOW!! Adrian Lux – Teenage Crime


Back in November I told you about this future track coming up on AXTONE records (Axwell Label), well here it is! Please note that its not the released version, so you may want to wait until it comes out and support the artist by buying it!
Adrian Lux – Teenage crime (Just listen no burning-edit)