EXCLU Jadore: Interview with Wally Lopez

This is a huge privilege, we had the chance to  talk with Spanish Superstar DJ Wally Lopez. While on tour, he took the time to answer our questions; to talk about him, his DJ career, his style, the new Global Underground compilation he mixed as well as his opinion on the current house music industry.

JADORE: Who are you, where are you from and when and where did you start djing?
WALLY: I am originally from a borough in Madrid called San Blas, where it was pretty much every man on himself! I started DJ’ing when I was 13 years. At the same time, I collaborated on a night radio show which got very popular in Madrid

JADORE: What’s a regular day in Wally Lopez’s life?
WALLY: I take 4 to 6 planes a week, play no less than two gigs in winter and no less than 4 gigs a week in Summer. Rest of the time, I work on my labels, my cloth store or my new projects. And of course I try to spend as much time as possible with my wife, family and friends.

JADORE: Tell us how you got introduced do the house music scene?
WALLY: First time I knew I wanted to be a DJ was seeing DJ Oscar Mulero play. I was amazed at the sound and the technique and instantly knew that was what I wanted to do in life more than anything else.

JADORE: Have you always been into house or do you have experience of other music styles?
WALLY: I think all DJs who have been in the scene for almost 20 years, as myself, experience and evolve with the times. Spain has been particularly rich in the 90’s, and the proximity of Ibiza made us connect with all new genres. From that everyone defines his own style, which in my case is HOUSE in the broad sense of the term. That’s the style I feel more comfortable with.

JADORE: You’re very well known DJ all across the world, what would you say are the perks of being a super star DJ?
WALLY: Hahaha… It’s true that you get to see the world, nice hotels, restaurants and girls (not me!! I am married LOL). But there is also a down side to it when your plane is delayed, your runner is late or you have to sleep less than two hours to get to your next gig…

JADORE: You have residency in Ibiza, world tours, your name and tracks are everywhere, what’s the secret?
WALLY: There are not many tricks. It’s a blend of talent, hard work and maybe a bit of luck. That doesn’t hurt LOL

JADORE: With all your success over the years with DJing and producing, where would you like to see things go from here?
WALLY: For me, the only way is up. I don’t look back or even to the sides. I always aim at getting better, bigger, making the next big track. If you lose your illusion and your ambition, you are dying a little. You always have to pursue the next dream.

JADORE: When “Global Underground ” approached you to create the new “Global Underground Dj Series Mix CD” what were your thoughts on how you were going brand this with a Wally Lopez’s twist?
WALLY: Mixing a Global Underground compilation has been a big honour, one of those landmarks that can define your career when you look back. Of course, I have tried to respect the essence of the brand but added my own flavour of Mediterranean energy and fun.

JADORE: What were your main goals when creating this beautiful compilation?
WALLY: I have tried to put together tracks that really inspire me at the moment and that are proven to work on the dancefloor. My goal is to get people dancing, and keep them dancing when they listen to it. Even in the car!

JADORE: What was the overall groove you were trying to achieve when making this mix?
WALLY: I think you will feel the same groove you can get on my sets. Come to Space Ibiza this Summer and check it out!

JADORE: What is your favourite track on your mix?
WALLY: For personal reasons, I will go with Ismael Rivas – Time Is Over (M.in Remix)

JADORE: What are your top3 favourite tracks at the moment?
Robert Babicz – Come Closer (Stimming Remix)
David Herrero – Sabana Hypnótica (Francisco Allendes Remix)
Mihalis Safras – There Is A Place (Gregor Tresher Remix)
All included in my GU compilation

JADORE: If you could pick one track to play at midnight that summed up 2009 to present for you, what would it be and why?
WALLY: I think Wally Lopez & Zoo Brazil – Planetaria (Steve Mac’s Smack Remix). It brings me so much memories of last Summer!

JADORE: What does this summer of 2010 have in store for Wally Lopez?
WALLY: I think my calendar is pretty much full this Summer, with Festivals all over Europe such as Extrema Outdoor, Tomorrowland, Creamfields, Rock in Rio, Glade Festival… Also my weekly night at Space every Friday and of course my residency every Friday at Tito’s Majorca

JADORE: Tell us something we don’t know about you?
WALLY: I am a very familiar person and I love to watch soap operas at home with my wife LOL

JADORE: At Jadore we really like your country fellow David Tort and Dr Kucho, what is your opinion on them?
WALLY: I think David Tort is a very hard working person and he is doing great. I am not following Kucho’s career that much these days

JADORE: Your best memory of your DJ/producer career?
WALLY: Some gigs are really memorable. But if I had to choose a moment, that would be playing as guest DJ for Madonna at her Seville concert, in 2008

JADORE: Your worst memory of your DJ/producer career?
WALLY: Well… probably at the beginning, when I was starting to DJ and they would put me in lousy hotels where I felt like a backpacker! LOL

JADORE: Do you have any tips & tricks for those who want to become a big DJ/producer?
WALLY: No tricks… just hard work. Inspiration, talent, and WORK!

JADORE: If you couldn’t DJ/producer, what would you do instead?
WALLY: I like to think of myself as a very versatile person. I am in this because I love music. If one day I wake up and I don’t feel it anymore, I am sure I will develop my career in any other creative field. I have always wanted to be a comedian or an actor!

JADORE: Finally seeing how Johnny Jover (JADORE Co-Founder) is Spanish, what are your thoughts on the House music scene is Spain?
WALLY: I think there are always good clubs everywhere, but Spain is one of the best places in the world to party: big and small clubs, very good sound systems and professional promoters, and amazing line ups every week in a lot of cities. It is also true now that Madrid seems to be in a better shape than Barcelona, after so many years of being the opposite.

JADORE: And last but not least, any young Spaniards we should be looking out for?
WALLY: Keep an eye on COYU, he is absolutely on fire!

Thanks again for taking the time to talk to us Wally. Guys please be sure to check out Global Underground Mixed by DJ Wally Lopez.


    • vekken
    • May 10th, 2010

    very very very nice interview!

    but i’ve nerver heard anything by this guy, maybe in the future.

    I will take an eye on his stuff!!!

  1. your blog is tasty

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