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New Release; Erick Morillo & Eddie Thoneick featuring Shawnee Taylor – Live Your Life REMIX PACK

About a week ago when we interviewed  Eddie Thoneick, he was telling us about a “Live your life Part 2” going to be released soon , we that day has arrived and its today! Now available on beatport is a DUB version made by Eddie Thoneick himself and a remix made by Australian DJs: Nyx, Syrinx & Nelio.

Go get the EP on beatport 😉


PREVIEW: Erick Morillo & Eddie Thoneick “Live Your Life” (Eddie Thoneick Dub)

Coming this Thursday July 8th on Eric Morillo’s label Subliminal Records: ‘Live your life” Eddie Thoneick Dub version.

Eddie Thoneick vs Erick Morillo ‘Live your life’

I made a mistake in my last post, the release date is the SECOND and not 7th of June! 🙂

There it is:

Grab your Copy of that amazing Track! One of my Top 10 this year!


Eddie Thoneick vs Erick Morillo – Live your life (Sneak Peak Preview)


Eric Morillo dropped his upcoming single in collaboration with Eddie Thoneick, and all I can say is WOWWWWWWWW CANT FU**** WAIT!!!!!! At the same time when 2 great producers like these meet it can only make fireworkssssssssss 🙂

What do you guys think about the track? Lots of DJs are following us – would you guys includeit in ur playlist?

PS: I don’t know if you have noticed but on most of the videos from WMC, the crowd seems boring like nobody is really into it – not the same atmosphere you feel in Europe where everybody his dancing & singing!

January 2010 Erick Morillo’s Top Ten

Here is a Erick Morillo’s top 10 for January. I was lucky enough to check him out in Pacha in Barcelona and boy did he kill it and not only did he fuck that club crazy! he was nice enough to have a conversation with me after. Much love to the great Erick Morillo!

January 2010 Erick Morillo’s Top Ten

1.Erick Morillo & Eddie Thoneick – Live Your Life
2.David Tort – 7 eleven (2010 revision)
3.Darbuck & Klein – The feeling (Big World remix)
4.Eddie Thoneick – Funk
5.Saeed Younan – Yeah Ha
6.Sebastian Leger – White island
7.Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (Luke Pompry remix)
8.Christian Falero & Villa Verde – Put Em High (2010 remake)
9.Max Zottie, DJ Umile– Sky High (David Tort Remix)
10.Cirez D – Glow